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2016 TDOR Webcomic Project [18 Nov 2016|04:28pm]


The Transgender Day of Remembrance is on the 20th November, as always. It's way too late here to do a call-out for the Webcomic Project, but I will say that I've moved the archive from ComicDish to ComicFury.

(the new logo for the ComicFury version)

The ComicDish version is still there, until February when ComicDish disappears forever. But all of it has been copied over to ComicFury, and I'm glad I made this move. The archives can now be searched!

If you are still interested in doing something for the project (which is advertising TDOR by use of webcomic/art/prose/video, go to the Contributing page. Just remember, "...you don't have to be a transgender person to participate, just appreciating or understanding the tragedy of the lives lost that are memorialized by the event is enough".

And if you spot a online comic / artwork / video / poetry or prose that's relevant to this, you can always post a link in a comment to this post.

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What are you reading? [15 Aug 2015|11:47pm]

[ mood | modly ]

Storm of spam posts in the moderation queue tonight, and all over lj in general, so I thought it might be nice to have a legitimate post for anyone who's still actually reading. So, what are you guys reading, webcomic-wise?

What's in my reader:
Homestuck: deeply weird and eclectic huge long scifi humour horror interactive musical EXPERIENCE.
Freefall Gently funny and intelligent space opera about created intelligences and societies. Moves amazingly slowly, it's one of the oldest webcomics I know of still going and has covered like...3 days in universe.
Gunnerkrigg Court Bittersweet? Something like that. Fantasy set in a magical school.
Band vs Band Fun bubblegum about girl bands.
Family Man 18th century, university and (were)wolves. Very intelligent but a bit slow.
Girl Genius Steampunk and SCIENCE. Lots of fun.
TJ and Amal Finished roadtrip m/m romance. Really funny and sweet.
Johnny Wander Gag strips and strange, funny little stories.
Questionable Content Kind of like Friends but with more robots.
Something Positive cynically funny slice of life with a kind heart deep, deep down.
XKCD funny stick figure comics about science and life (hey someone might not have heard of it)
Chaos Life Funny gag comics, often slice of life.
Desden Codak Weird, beautifully drawn but confusing transhumanistish science fantasy.

All tend to have female main characters or a mixed-gender ensemble cast, and have a high possibility of canonical queerness and/or robots. I'm also still subscribed to Megatokyo but I don't actually read it, I just go "hey! it updated!" the way one enjoys a shooting star.

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Gifts of wandering ice [03 Jul 2015|07:03pm]

Hello :)

I'm working on a sci-fi webcomic "Gifts of wandering ice". It's about post ice age era when people forgot their history and try to guess what it was like by studying the "ice gifts" - various stuff - tech, books, frozen plants and animals, etc. - melting icebergs bring to their shores. Some "gifts" are very dangerous, some are even alive.

The comic is 1,5 years old, 125 pages released so far. Updates regularly on Mondays and Fridays.

Scenery is mostly basalt islands (looking a bit like Giant's causeway in Ireland) connected by shabby handmade cable ways; local people are intelligent, kind and really care for each other. Hope you'll enjoy the story.

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Page seven of the Mask of Fear.. Harry Hamm's latest adventure... [24 Jun 2014|11:00am]

Hope you like it! I'm churning out a page a week...

Mof Page7
by jerrykimbro on deviantART
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Page Six of Mask of Fear! [14 Jun 2014|01:42pm]

Here is another page in my latest Harry Hamm adventure.Read more...Collapse )

Stay tooned for another one next week.


Mof Page6, Revised
by jerrykimbro on deviantART
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Hi! Welcome to the Adventures of Harry Hamm [07 Jun 2014|12:06pm]

this is a link to the continuing adventures of Harry Hamm, the Pig Detective. i have been drawing him for thirty years now and he is featured on my DeviantArt webpage.i hope you enjoy him! I plan on posting his strip weekly here and elsewhere.

Stay Tooned!


Mof Page5
by jerrykimbro on deviantART
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Hi! [28 May 2014|06:08pm]

I hope it's ok to post about my own webcomic here. :-)

I have a webcomic called "Reality Challenged" here: rc_comic

This is a webcomic about Lizzie, a gothpunk geek/nerd gamer librarian, and her friends.
Lizzie is a punky-gothish, rpg gamer geek, sf, fantasy and horror fan & librarian.
She's an incurable dreamer, and her reality isn't always the same one as the "mainstream" version.
She's still not decided what she wants to be when she grows up... She'd really like to be a mage, though, or the captain of an interstellar spaceship. Or a dragon, that'd be awesome!
However, currently she's working in the university library's Special Collections. In the lower basement. Where there's little chance of her having to interact with customers. She was transferred to this department after a rather unfortunate incident with an annoying library user (involving 2 rubber bands, 2 paper clips, a AACR2 cataloguing rule book and a metal catalogue drawer pin.)

It's mostly random comics, episodes from Lizzie's life, and not any story line.
It's randomly updated.
This webcomic is something I just do for fun and because I like to draw; I'm not a great artist.

This is my latest strip: http://rc-comic.livejournal.com/6685.html
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Transgender Day of Remembrance Webcomics Project (2013) [24 Oct 2013|11:20am]

This is an annual event/project to go with the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR, November 20th).


Participating contributors draw and publish a relevant webcomic or image for the day (or equivalent date, depending on schedule) with links to other contributors and/or the archive. The main thing is to educate the readership of each person's webcomic or blog about the issues related to TDOR. It doesn't only have to be a webcomic page - it can be an illustration on DeviantArt (or equivalent site), a video, or a prose/poetry piece.The main thing is to increase awareness of TDOR. Afterwards, if you've made a contribution to the Project, please send a copy (with details) to the Archive. See Submission Guidelines for details.

There's also a Event Page for this year so you can remind yourself while using Facebook.
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tiny ghosts 400 [14 May 2013|08:07am]

Did you notice that the comic posted yesterday was labeled, "400"? In the webcomics community we call that a "BRN" (aka a "big round number" for you non-webcomics types). BRNs are the perfect time to celebrate your favorite webcomic by calling all of your friends on the telephone or sending them a cake with a file baked inside and frosting that spells out, "hey if you ever escape you should check out www.tinyghosts.com because it is an awesome thing and I'm not just telling you this because someone has me locked up in a basement and is threatening me with a cleaver."

So yeah, anyway, can you believe that we've been making this comic for 400 weeks without ever missing a single week? I can't even count to 400.

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2013 Comikaze [11 May 2013|09:28pm]


It's ON again! :D

Whether you're in Australia or just wish you were, join us for the 24 Hour comics challenge Sat-Mon, Queen's Birthday weekend (8th to 10th of June 2013). Registration opens soon, but don't forget to sign up at the forums, hosted by Pulp Faction, at http://pulpfaction.net, before you register for the challenge. You need a forum account to participate and if you just want to watch, be sure to sign up so you can comment and cheer the participants on.

You can also follow us on Twitter:
@comikaze24 or join our Facebook group

Looking forward to this, like I do every year.
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TDOR Webcomic Project 2012 [29 Oct 2012|10:01am]


Participating contributors draw and publish a relevant webcomic or image for the day (20th November or equivalent date, depending on schedule) with links to other contributors and/or the archive. Participants don't have to be transgendered to join, just appreciating the tragedy of the lives lost that are memorialized by TDOR is enough. What they do need is a suitable visual artwork that appears on a site (webcomic, blog, Deviant Art type site, Facebook, Live Journal et cetera) read by others. What matters is sharing your concerns in an artistic fashion, so that others can hear of the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Don't forget to send your contributions to the Webcomic Archive as well!

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24 Hour Comic Day 2012 [05 Sep 2012|09:25am]

Just a plug for this, a bit in advance. Follow the link for details:
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Jenny Everywhere Day 2012 [04 Aug 2012|05:35pm]

Got an email today about this, which is Monday 13th August.

"Jenny Everywhere Day is an annual event where artists are encouraged to create their own versions of the character. This can be through any means they wish. Have it be single image, cameo in other works they’re involved with, or complete stories starring the Shifter."

And for those that don't know, the thing about Jenny Everwhere is...

"The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish."

Details at http://www.jennyeverywhereday.com/ and The Shifter Archive.

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Eye-Eighty part 79: Crowns [03 Aug 2012|06:42pm]

Kafka is lost. Paige is dead. The Taproot is dying. Nirel is crowned.
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Eye-Eighty part 78: Departs [23 Jun 2012|10:18am]


Kafka faces The Brute and her fate.

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2012 Comikazi24 [03 Jun 2012|10:19am]

[ mood | chipper ]

From the Comikazi24 website:


The Comikaze24 is Australia's 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge. It's based around the same idea as 24 Hours Comic Day but takes place over the long Queen's Birthday weekend (this year 9-11th June), a date more amenable to Australian participants. Registration is now open , but don't forget to sign up at the forums, hosted by Pulp Faction, before you register for the challenge. You need a forum account to participate and if you just want to watch, be sure to sign up so you can comment and cheer the participants on."

Here we go again. If you're interested (and don't have a prohibitively busy schedule, the most common excuse not to participate) follow the link and register. For examples of previous year's stuff, see the 24 Hour Challenge section of the PulpFaction forums. Note that while you have to register at the PF forums to enter, nothing stops you from posting your entries directly to a webcomic hosted here (or elsewhere) and reposting the images to the PF Forums (that's what I do).

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Eye-Eighty part 76 is now up! [22 Apr 2012|11:26am]


part 76: Collapses
The Taproot is dying, there isn't much time left...
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Hello everybody! [28 Mar 2012|10:01pm]

I'd like to take a moment to plug my work, and also to ask a question.

My comic is called Newheimburg, and can be found at: http://www.webcomicsnation.com/dinkygollier/newheim/series.php It updates every Monday, and currently has six pages available to read.

My question concerns promoting the webcomic: I've been considering attending a convention as a part of Artist's Alley to promote my work to the public. However, given the time I'd have to update the comic, I'd only have 20 pages up by the time the convention was to happen. It is feasible, or even wise, to lay down money for a table and sketchbooks for sale when I wouldn't have an actual comic up for grabs? Can anyone with some convention expertise tell me what's up?

Thanks in advance for reading through all this.

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Eye-Eighty part 75: Splinters is now up. [28 Mar 2012|06:02pm]


Splinters: The Brute Ascends to the Taproot... and assaults the throne.
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